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If you have questions about the ordering process, or have a question or issue with an existing ticket order, please contact a Boston Red Sox ticket services representative by calling toll-free (877) RED-SOX9. (Between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday - excluding holidays)

RED RESTRICTION MESSAGE DEFINITIONS: (Please scroll down to view all restriction messages.)

Obstructed View seats are situated behind a permanent structure which will block views of the home plate area, pitching mound area, or both. Seats may also be severely obstructed by other non-permanent devices such as moving cameras, personnel, or fans.

Seats marked Walkway Traffic Advisory are located immediately behind a high-traffic walkway. Vendors and fans constantly passing in the walkway may block the views of patrons in these seats.

STANDING ROOM: General Admission-NO SEAT Standing Room tickets are general admission tickets with NO SEAT provided. All seats in Fenway Park are reserved and are not accessible to patrons with Standing Room tickets. Please see below for standing room section designations.

Lower Level Standing Room

Patrons in possession of a Lower Level Standing Room ticket may stand along the main aisle BEHIND the grandstand sections in the area of the park marked on the ticket (as indicated below) AND within the clearly marked standing room zones painted along the concourse. Lower Level Standing Room tickets do not allow access to the any Roof /Pavilion areas or the Green Monster.

SRLRF – (Standing Room Lower Level Right Field) Above the Big Concourse in Right Field and along the right field line

SRL1B – (Standing Room Lower Level First Base) Along the first base line, at the popular First Base Deck

SRLHP – (Standing Room Lower Level Home Plate) Behind homeplate with easy access to the restrooms and concessions

SRL3B – (Standing Room Lower Level Third Base) Along the third base line, providing great views of the playing field

SRLLF – (Standing Room Lower Level Left Field) In left field, near the popular Third Base Deck which offers a wide variety of concession choices

EMC and Pavilion Level Standing Room

NOTE: Pavilion Level Standing Room tickets do not allow access to the Covidien Green Monster or Budweiser Right Field Rood Deck

SRGM – (Standing Room Green Monster) Exclusive access to the Covidien Green Monster standing room area

SRBD – (Standing Room Bud Deck) Exclusive access to the Budweiser Right Field Roof Deck standing room area and access to the Bud Deck bar

SRRFB – (Standing Room Right Field Roof Box) EMC Level standing room located behind the right field roof box seats with drink rails and easy access to concessions and restrooms

SRP1B/SRP3B – (Standing Room Pavilion First/Third Base) Pavilion level standing room offering spacious area with wide concourses, drink rails, quick access to concessions and majestic views of the ballpark and cityscape.

SRCD – (Standing Room Coke Deck) Two levels of standing room offering drink rails, easy access to the Left Field Deck concession and majestic views of the ballpark and cityscape.

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In the shopping cart, seating on the field will be clearly indicated as “turf”. All other seating will be denoted by the section in the regular seating bowl. Seats which are located within the Aisle Pricing Zone may be at or near an aisle.

Children age two and under do not require a ticket for admission.

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